For Immediate Release: E1 Transit now takes you to Toronto Pearson International Airport

London, ON (July 22nd, 2016) – E1 Transit has announced that they now will be offering passenger rides from London, Ontario to Toronto Pearson International Airport in order to better meet the needs of their customers.

E1 Transit is an environmentally responsible all-electric transit system, using electric luxury cars to transport clients between cities. They offer a comfortable, convenient, and sustainable transit option for those travelling between London and Toronto. The Tesla Model S, which offers a smooth, silent and advanced ride, gives off zero emissions, making you feel good about your transportation choice.

The goal of E1 Transit is to make the convenience unparalleled, picking up customers at their door and offering a variety of drop-off location options, to ensure passengers get to the right destination.

Originally, E1 Transit only dropped off London customers to Toronto Union Station, but a high number of customers requested offering an additional location that would increase convenience for international travel.

“We really want to make it easy for our customers to get to the airport as quickly and conveniently as possible. Using our all-electric cars, we are now able to offer zero-emissions transportation to the airport, in a fast, smooth, silent, luxurious ride. This is especially important for our business travelers who have come to prefer the quiet ride in our fleet of eco-friendly Teslas over traditional, older, gasoline-powered vehicles” says Gary Rodrigues, Director of Corporate Sales at E1 Transit.

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Published on: September 11, 2016