Questions about booking

How much does it cost?

Inter-city routes - One-way Pricing:

Hourly Pricing:

Within London, or any custom trip starting or ending in London $85/hr

The car can hold 5 people total, which means our driver plus upto 4 passengers.

What are the routes?

We will be offering routes between major North American cities. Our first route is London to Toronto, and our next routes to launch will be Kitchener/Waterloo to London, and Kingston to Toronto.

Do you pick me up and drop me off to my destination?

Yes! When purchasing a ticket, please input your pickup and drop off address to be approved before the driver is sent over.

Is it safe to use this service?

Compared to other car sharing services, E1 Transit is much safer. Companies such as Uber do not have full liability insurance for passengers, and do not use licensed drivers. We use trained, licensed, professional drivers, and we have full liability insurance for passengers. Our clients are also friendlier and more environmentally conscious than on other forms of transit.

How much baggage can I bring with me ?

You will be guaranteed space for 1 piece of luggage in the trunk (max size: 68 x 53 x 35 centimetres) and you may carry 1 handbag in your lap (max size: 23 x 40 x 55 centimetres).

What are some interesting things?

E1 is the first all-electric transit system in the country. We are always going to pioneer new technology and in-car experiences. Stay tuned for some exciting updates on in-car entertainment this summer!